Advanced Drone Pilot Training

  • Duration: 10 weeks


  1. Safety regulations for operating drones
  2. Pre-flight preparation (Battery check * Motor check, GPS Calibration )

  3. Risk Assessment

  4. Working with GPS

  5. Multicopter flight controls practice

  6. Launching and landing the drone under normal circumstances
  7. Knowing your flight distance and altitudes
  8. Advanced flight maneuvers
  9. Working with the drone camera

  10. Performing aerial surveillance

  11. Emergency landing techniques
  12. Changing factory settings and customizing the operational capabilities to suit your needs
  13.  Advance flying manouevres.
Simultaneously controlling the aircraft while operating the camera

  15. Emergency Take Off Techniques: How to take off in a bad landscape

  16. Autoflights: Setting the aircraft to fly around a defined area, capture images and return automatically without additional inputs by the pilot
Setting the aircraft to follow a subject (e.g a car, dog, human e.t.c.) without being controlled by the pilot


Certificate will be awarded to participants at the end of the training.